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Share the joy and community of harmony singing even if  you can’t read a note of music.

sue-guitar-singinghttp://centrum.org/voice-works-a-workshop-for-singers/If you can sing, you can harmonize. With the Sing Harmony Now method, you can learn to sing great-sounding Americana, country, folk, pop, gospel, and bluegrass harmony by ear. It’s a revolutionary new way to learn harmony singing. And it works for real people, not just expert musicians.

Can’t read music? No problem. You’ll learn to sing harmony by listening and singing along with us.

Learn when and where you want

Learn at your own pace—at home, in your car, or anywhere—with our sing-along instructional CDs and downloads. Or come to one of our workshops or book a coaching session, and learn to harmonize in a fun, supportive environment.

“The CD is great. I’ve wanted to sing harmony for years and now I can. Thank you!”
-Jane R., USA

“Took your harmony workshop last Saturday and results on Sunday morning were nothing short of miraculous! Super practical and easy to implement skills on the fly. I am so happy with the results!”
-Angie M., USA

Why is the Sing Harmony Now method different?

Many harmony courses just have you memorize the harmony lines to a few songs. But that’s no help when you want to sing a different song, because they don’t teach you how to figure out the harmony. Other harmony courses bog you down in music theory, but many people tell us that they find theory confusing and discouraging.

The Sing Harmony Now method is different. It teaches you how to harmonize important notes and melody patterns that you can use in any song. It’s simple, practical, and logical. And you can use it for harmony above and below the melody (in bluegrass, these are called the tenor and baritone parts). All of the songs and exercises in our courses are given in  multiple keys for men’s and women’s voices.