Learn to Sing Harmony with our Instruction CDs and Downloads

Special Combo-Pack at CD Baby!

Our Learn to Sing Harmony By Ear Combo Pack is available on CD Baby as physical CDs or as a digital download. We’ve combined both of our acclaimed harmony singing instruction courses—How to Sing Harmony the Natural Way and Switch on Your Harmony Autopilot—into a single package, and we’re offering it at a special price. You get two full albums, that’s three disks, 69 tracks. Price: $35.97 for CDs, $24.97 for download.  You save nearly 30% off the cost of buying the two courses separately. A great gift idea!


Level 1:  How to Sing Harmony The Natural Way

In this two-disk course you’ll get the essential skills you need to start singing harmony by ear.  You’ll learn:

  • The three notes every harmony singer should know.
  • The quick-start way to find a good harmony note above and below the melody.
  • How to use keywords to make part finding faster and easier.
Learn How to Sing Harmony the Natural Way

Our Beginners’ Harmony Course

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Listen to a sample of our lesson on The Three Notes Every Harmony Singer Should Know. 

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Level 2: Learn to Sing Harmony the Natural Way—Switch On Your Harmony Autopilot

In this fun, self-paced course, you’ll build on the skills you learned in Level 1 and start harmonizing whole musical phrases, so you can sing harmony “on-the-fly” to all kinds of songs.

  • Learn to harmonize common melody patterns that you’ll find in hundreds of songs.
  • Step by step part-finding instruction to harmonize musical phrases, not just single notes.
  • Harmonies above and below the melody (bluegrass tenor and baritone parts).
  • All the exercises and songs are in multiple keys for both men’s and women’s voices.
  • Special tips for men and women who sing together.
Learn to Sing Harmony By Ear, Switch on Your Harmony Autopilot

Our Level Two Harmony Course

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Listen to a sample of our lesson on How to Harmonize Chord-Based Melodies.

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