Workshop participants performing, Risor Norway

Harmony singing workshop participants performing on stage, Risor Norway

Our Harmony Singing Workshops

Whether it’s for one hour, a day, a weekend, or more, a harmony singing workshop from Sing Harmony Now! is a fun, sociable way to learn to sing harmony by ear, or to take your harmony singing to a whole new level. Our workshops have gotten rave reviews in the USA, Canada, across Europe, and in Japan, and participants love our supportive, stress-free learning environment. No one is asked to perform in front of the group—instead we learn by singing together in teams. You can find our workshops at festivals, music schools and camps, OR you can book a custom workshop for a small group or up to a hundred.

European Bluegrass Festival, LaRoche FR 2009

Harmony Singing Workshop, European World of Bluegrass Festival, Netherlands


How to Sing Harmony By Ear Level 1: Essential Skills and Techniques

You’ll get the all the essential skills you need to harmonize hundreds of songs, including bluegrass, Americana, pop, blues, worship, folk, and country. Within the first hour, you’ll have figured out your first harmony part entirely by ear. No note reading, no bogging down in music theory—you’ll learn how to sing harmony naturally and intuitively.

You’ll learn:

  • How to figure out your harmony part without needing anyone else to teach you what notes to sing.
  • The three notes every harmony singer must know, and how to sing them in any key.
  • How to sing harmony above the melody on any song.
  • How to use use “keywords” for hassle-free harmonizing.


Teaching workshop, Ehime, Japan

Harmony workshop, Ehime, Japan

How to Sing Harmony By Ear Level 2: Beyond the Basics

You’ll learn the secrets to figuring out the harmony below the melody (the bluegrass baritone part) and you’ll start singing songs with three-part harmony. You’ll also get ear training, licks, tricks, and techniques to help your harmony sound great, and come more easily, even on new or unfamiliar songs.

You’ll learn:

  • How to sing harmony below the melody.
  • Licks and tricks for finding the harmony quickly and intuitively.
  • How to get a great vocal blend, especially when men and women sing together.
  • How to choose the best key for your song, no matter if your voice is high or low.
  • How to develop a natural “ear” for harmony.


Download this pdf about Intermediate and advanced workshops.

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